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3 Layers Disposable Mask

Product Name: disposable respirator

Model and specification: flat lug type 175mm * 95mm

Executive standard: GB / t32610-2016

Service life: 2 years

Product structure: the product is composed of cover body, nose bridge clamp and ear belt. The cover body is composed of three layers of filter material. The front and back layers are anti sticking non-woven fabric, and the middle layer is melt blown non-woven fabric. The raw materials are strictly inspected

Product function: used for daily protection of bacteria, virus, pollen, peculiar smell and particles, etc

matters needing attention:

1. Please use it within the validity period. 2. Wear it once, damage it after use and dispose according to regulations

KN95 Mask

Disposable 4Ply Non Woven Anti Dust Mouth N95 Masking Earloop Protective KN95 face Masking

Note: Only masks that are truly waterproof can effectively block droplets and block virus transmission.

1. Breathable,anti dust,three layer folding, form a 360-degree three dimensional breathing space.

2. High flat, high elastic ear hooks for lower pressure.

3. With a concealed plastic nose, anti fog, can be adjusted to avoid voids and reduce the inhalation of harmful substances.


Product name
Disposable Dust face mask
Handle material
Meltblown cloth, Non-woven
Shipping way
DHL/UPS/Fedex/EMS/TNT/By air/By sea
Lead time
3-5 days
Delivery time
5-7 working days
Standard opp bag customize package 
Our advantage
Competitive price, high quality and support OEM service
Western Union/Bank TT/Paypal/Trade Assurance

KN99 Mask

Enerup 4 layer Antipollution Anti Germ Protection Air Filter Face Pollution Dust Masks N99

copper-infused cotton, 2nd layer, N99 filter, 3rd layer, 100% polypropylene, 4th layer next to mouth: 100% 

Product Features:

1. Continuous antibacterial: The antibacterial rate against bacteria is above 99%.

2. Efficient filtration: the filtration efficiency for smog, automobile exhaust, dust, etc. in the air is above 95%.

3 Good air permeability: respiratory resistance 684, far lower than the national standard of no more than 145, comfortable to wear without holding your breath.

4. Excellent warmth retention: 100% high-quality pure cotton and warm-keeping filter cotton are healthy and warm-keeping.

5.Authoritative testing: Antibacterial, protective and filtering properties have been tested by the national authoritative departments and qualified wells have obtained relevant patents.


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